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We engage with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in all key markets.

WANKAE Investments Group Limited also focuses on the distribution and sale of disposable children diapers, adult diapers, wipes, sanitary pads, cloth diapers, toilet tissues, kitchen tissues and facial tissues primarily for families, households, and institutions. Distribution and sales of our products are done locally in Victoria, the rest of British Columbia, Canada and globally. The company also operates an eCommerce website.

Wholesale, Retail, and Distribution
WANKAE Investments also distributes, wholesales, and retails different varieties of quality products to its customers.


Distribution and Marketing
WANKAE provides delivery service of their products to the customers. We deal in marketing products for companies and also provide our products on a Wholesale and retail basis. We distribute to various communities, households, institutions, shops or other retail outlets, organizations, institution, and hotels. We also supply to jobbers and other distributors.

WANKAE provide marketing campaigns & promotions of services and products for its clients. WANKAE marketing campaigns are a coordinated marketing strategy that may include advertising, promotion, pricing, distribution and merchandising. This implies a large scale effort that our professional teams adapt to impact a variety of communication and distribution channels. The following are common types of marketing campaign;

Product Launch
The launch of a new product or service may involve much advertising, promotion, and coordination with distribution partners.

Brand Launch
The launch of a new brand that may include multiple products and services.

Rebranding a company or set of products. For example, firms may rebrand after a merger. Rebranding is often an extensive activity that touches visual branding, customer experience, merchandising and corporate culture.

Seasonal Push
A revenue push for a major season for a company such as back-to-school or Christmas.

A firm that is facing reputational issues, declining customer satisfaction and increased competition may respond with a marketing campaign that includes elements such as improved customer experience.

Brand Awareness
A campaign designed to build or maintain brand awareness. Firms with valuable brands may launch extensive campaigns on a continual basis to defend their position.

Revenue Push
A campaign designed to meet short-term revenue goals such as a quarterly target. For example, a sales promotion coupled with an effective advertising campaign may boost revenue.

Customized Services
Customized services are for products and services that WANKAE does not officially provide, we go out of our way to get our customers products and services they need at a good price and great quality.

Commodity Trading
We also specialized in importing & exporting of a superior quality of Sugar, Rice, Cooking Oil, Fertilizers and Petroleum products (Crude Oil& Refined Products), Natural Gas, Coal, Gold, across the globe. We have systematically built an international reputation for quality in facilitation in the import and export of both edible and non-edible (Equipment). We have exceptional procedures in place to facilitate the efficient movement of commodities directly from suppliers to the end user.

Project Financing
WANKAE brings the specialized capabilities and diverse strengths of the Wankae Group to the development of domestic and international Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, as well as other infrastructure development projects requiring private finance solutions. Within these projects, Wankae plays a pivotal role as a professional facilitator for financiers, investors, constructors and/or operators. We also offer commercialized projects and program funding from the public sector with grants supports for NGOs.

Developing Infrastructure
In Canada and throughout the world, the private sector plays an increasingly important role in developing urgently needed infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships and other forms of private finance initiatives.

This fact brings with it a wide range of responsibilities, including innovative financing and management. For these projects to succeed, a trusted and committed team of organizations is required; one capable of handling the job from start to finish. WANKAE’s credentials enable us to consistently and capably fulfill the vital roles of:

• Developing effective strategic partnerships
• Leading and/or actively participating in the development team
• Seamlessly integrating the services of all participants
• Operating as a technical solutions provider
• Providing deal structuring, financial modeling, financing solution optimization
• Funding, building, managing/operating projects
• Proactively driving all aspects of the process
• Harnessing the construction capabilities of the entire Wankae Group

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