Wankae Investments Group Limited

The exchange of socio-economic relationships is what Wankae refers to as distribution and marketing; engaging processes, systems, and modern day technologies are harness to create, keep and satisfy the customer; keeping in mind, “the customer is king.” value creation and innovative distribution and marketing solutions are our singular premier.

Wankae Investments Group Limited, incorporated on the 7th day of May 2018. The Company is a Limited Liability Company with its headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Wankae Investments Group Limited is the hub of a group of companies. The objective for which the company incorporated is multifarious.

The company provides superior distribution and marketing services by providing for the needs of its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in a multifaceted industry, serving both customers domestically and internationally. Wankae Investments Group Limited brings a fresh and innovative approach to the service, distribution, wholesaling, retailing, and production industries.

We aim to exceed the expectations of every single customer or stakeholder by offering outstanding customer services, and superior value, thus optimizing time used in doing business and improving operation efficiency by “taking stress out of business and life.”

Prince McGershon holds a Doctoral certificate in Chartered Financial & Investment Analyst. Prince is a proven senior business management executive with over 20 years of professional experience marked by a trend of progressive positions of management responsibility. An entrepreneur by nature, Prince, has built an unbeaten track record of consistent value creation over the years, across all the businesses for which he has been responsible. Prince is recognized as one of the leading experts in the field of organizational transformation (Investment banking, organizational development, and financial tax administration) and has over the past 15 years also established himself as a specialist in business coaching, transformation, and tax planning. Prince is a frequent public speaker at various industry and public events and has served as an advisor to many corporations concerning change management and business transformation.

To be the World’s Leader in products, services and supply chain solutions that enable value creation to stakeholders


To create a competitive advantage for Wankae through procuring, and distributing products and services which provide superior value to our stakeholders especially valued customers.

• To deliver our services and products to our customers on time when they need it and where they need it.
• To provide an exceptionally tailored customer service care and relationships to our customers in a more interactive and community-based style.
• Ensure delighted and satisfied customers all of the time.
• Contribute positively to our environment and communities
• Establish a market presence that guarantees short-term and long-term profitability, growth and market share, which will ultimately convert into business success
• To take stress out of the business, family, and households

Core Values
1. Maintain and Ensure a High Standard of Customer Service: We satisfy the customer’s needs at all times
2. Creativity, Taking Initiatives and Resourcefulness is our hallmark
3. Pursue Growth and Learning: We are a learning organization, and we pursue personal development
4. Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communications
5. Build an Enthusiastic Team and Family Spirit: The key to our success is we work together well with fairness and respect.
6. The God Factor and Responsibility Minded
7. Passionate, Disciplined and Determined
8. Quality Product and Services: Quality and Professionalism is essential to everything we do
9. Results Driven: We deliver on our promises
10. Integrity: Honesty, Reliability, and Trust are vital in the environment in which we operate at all times.
11. Environmental Consciousness: We work to the highest standards to ensure the protection of employees, the public, and the environment

It is imperative that our employees share and live our core-values as their culture. We are looking for people who embrace diversity, treat people with respect and manage risks thoughtfully.

Management Team

Wankae Investments Group Limited, is a global investment and group of companies, duly incorporated under the Company laws of British Columbia, Canada.

Our Commitment


“Speak to our team of consultants to start planning for your financial and business future. There’s no cost, no obligation, and no reason not to get started.”

Prince McGershon C.E.O Wankae