Investment Approach

The combination of our global reach and local presence, as well as deep industry expertise across public and private markets, enables us to successfully engage with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in all key markets. With our long-term investment approach, we create value in our investments on behalf of our clients through expansion and operational improvements.

Seizing Potential in Private Markets

Our investment approach encompasses public and private equity, public and private infrastructure investments and focuses on investing in quality assets with growth and development potential. We proactively source these investment opportunities in different markets through our large local teams and an extensive network of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and private markets managers.

To benchmark our global investment opportunity set, we identify those areas of public and private markets with the greatest investment potential in the prevailing market environment and define the sectors, regions, and strategies likely to offer higher value relative to other segments.

This top-down view on the most attractive investment opportunities in the public and private markets globally, combined with our bottom-up ability to identify and develop the most promising investments within local markets, has resulted in strong outperformance over the period.


We follow a globally integrated investment approach across all public and private markets asset classes. This enables us to construct flexible portfolios that can adapt their investment strategy in case of changing market conditions. Our investment approach includes three investment strategies: direct, secondary and integrated investments.

We invest in attractive companies, real estate assets, and infrastructure assets, with high development potential. Value creation is our priority and we work closely with management teams and corporate partners throughout the life of our investments. Our investment professionals are supported by our in-house team of dedicated industry experts, who capitalize on their deep sector knowledge to seek out value creation opportunities.

Our Commitment


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Prince McGershon- C.E.O Wankae